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This application was designed for use with several types of positions. Some questions may not be applicable to the position you are seeking, however, we ask that you answer all questions. PLEASE CLICK "SEND REQUEST" ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL APPLICABLE FIELDS.

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Please list your most recent employer first. Account for all times, whether working or not and fully explain all gaps.

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Release and Privacy Statement

I understand that Harbour Ridge requires certain information about me to evaluate my qualifications for employment and to conduct its business if I become an employee. Therefore, I authorize Harbour Ridge to investigate my past employment, educational credentials, and other employment-related activities. I agree to cooperate in such investigations and release all parties from all liability and responsibility with respect to the information supplied.

I further understand if I shall be employed, I will serve a probationary or an orientation and adjustment period which, if successfully completed, will change my status to a regular employee. Either of us may terminate our work relationship during this probationary or orientation and adjustment period if it is felt I will not meet job demands or show an inability to adapt myself to the requirements and duties of my employment.

I also understand that any job I am offered will not be for any set period of time. My employment may be terminated at any time of my own free will or the will of my employer. I further understand that this policy cannot be changed except in writing and then only when signed by an authorized representative of the employer.

I understand that any false statement or omission of fact made on this application or any supplement thereto or in connection with the above mentioned investigations will be grounds for immediate termination, if I am employed.

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