Harbour Ridge Family Foundation


  1. What is the mission of the Foundation?
    The Mission of the Harbour Ridge Family Foundation is primarily, but not limited to, providing need-based scholarships to Harbour Ridge full time employees, both permanent and seasonal, as well as their children and grandchildren.

  2. Why did we create the Foundation?
    While employee morale and retention at Harbour Ridge are generally quite good, we have the opportunity to enhance the lives of our employees and, at the same time, further improve retention and morale in ways that go beyond issues of compensation.  We can, in effect, create more of a feeling of family at Harbour Ridge through the Foundation.  This will result in more satisfied staff, and, therefore, better service for members.

    In addition, the Foundation will provide an opportunity for Harbour Ridge members and their families who wish to establish a memorial in honor of their departed loved ones.  In the past, requests for memorials have been treated on an ad hoc basis, and typically take the form of a tree or a bench with a plaque.  At present, there are more than 100 such memorials scattered around the Harbour Ridge property.  The ad hoc nature of these requests sometimes leads to controversy over the nature, size and placement of a memorial.  In addition, there is some concern that over time the number of memorials would begin to create a somewhat less than uplifting atmosphere.  

    Developing a consistent policy and alternative means of creating a memorial would alleviate these concerns.   As a result, the Harbour Ridge Board of Directors has voted to no longer allow these types of memorials.  Instead, members and their families will be encouraged to make contributions to the Harbour Ridge Family Foundation and have their contributions recognized in the Foundation's annual journal, and perhaps in other more permanent ways to be developed at a future time.

  3. Who will run the Foundation?
    Each of the members of the Harbour Ridge Board of Directors is a "Member" of the Foundation, and will collectively be responsible for oversight of the Foundation.

    Under the auspices of the Board of Directors, on a day-to-day basis, the Foundation Board and its Officers will oversee the operations of the Foundation.

  4. How will the Foundation be funded?
    The Foundation will be funded entirely by voluntary donations, primarily from members, but also from senior staff and people outside Harbour Ridge who have a personal or business relationship with Harbour Ridge.

  5. Will my donation be tax deductible?
    Yes. The Harbour Ridge Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization.  You will receive a letter for your tax records including the amount of your donation and date received.

  6. How will employees apply for grants?
    We have developed a grant application and will make that application available to all employees.  The application will detail the qualifications an employee or family member must meet in order to qualify for a grant.  Grant applications will be submitted to the Grant Committee for evaluation and a decision.

    Grant applications must be submitted by select dates for the upcoming school year.  Grants will be awarded at beginning of the following school year.

  7. What are the basic qualifications for employees to receive a grant?
    Full time year round and seasonal employees who have been at Harbour Ridge for at least one full year or season, and their children and grandchildren, will be eligible.  Detailed qualifications for receiving a grant are still being developed, but will be based on financial need and other criteria such as academic performance, intended course of study, and course load.

  8. How many grants will be awarded and how large will the grants be?
    The size and number of grants awarded will be determined by a number of factors including the amount of money available in the Foundation as well as a determination of what would constitute a meaningful level of tuition assistance given the financial situation of the applicants and the cost of the schools they will be attending.  Checks for grants will be mailed directly to the institution the student will be attending.

To donate to the Foundation, please send a check payable to Harbour Ridge Family Foundation (HRFF) and mail it to 12600 Harbour Ridge Blvd., Palm City, FL or drop it off at the Administration Desk.